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Quick Change Cork Adapters for Other Mutes

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This is an adapter that can be installed onto mutes from other brands.  If you like your current mute lineup but want the flexibility offered by our patented quick change cork system you can install this adapter onto your mute.  You can purchase the basic kit, which includes the adapter sleeve and one cork size, or the deluxe kit, which includes the sleeve and six cork sizes and cork storage tray.  Installation is straightforward with 5-minute epoxy or similar adhesive.  

Adapter sets are available for the following mutes (more coming soon!):

Dennis Wick Cup Mute 

TrumCor Straight Mute

Suolo Straight Mute

Mutec Straight Mute 

Humes & Berg Stoneline Cup Mute

Humes & Berg Stoneline Straight Mute

Humes and Berg Trombone Pixie Mute (Includes 3 corks thicknesses)