I regularly use my mutes in the Sequoia Symphony and the Fresno Philharmonic.  Below are some thoughts from others who have been using them.  

Alex Iles, Los Angeles Trombonist and Recording Artist 

I just received mine in the mail this! My eyes don't believe my ears! With a little experimenting with the numerous thicknesses of felt and cork, I have dialed in a warm bucket sound from such a tiny package! Congratulations on coming with such a beautiful and convenient product!!

Matt Bilyk, New York Trombonist and Clinician 

These are great mutes. Just ordered my second one to configure for Bass Bone. Very easy blowing, super light weight and intonation is great. The ability to customize is also a huge bonus. Highly recommend!

Jens Lindemann, International Trumpet Artist 

The S-Mute is one of the finest mutes I have ever played.  The intonation is impeccable and the ability to make micro adjustments to create numerous different colours is a reflection of the fantastic thought and workmanship that has gone into its development.  Quite simply, this is a mute that should not only be owned, it will be used for ones entire career. 


Josh Rzepka has done a VERY thorough review of the Gen 2 Dedicated Cup and Multifunction Mute:


 Ron Franklin, 2nd Trumpet Fresno Philharmonic Orchestra 

I love playing this mute and use it often!  It has a wonderful tone color, is free blowing and most importantly, plays in tune in all ranges and dynamic levels.  I highly recommend it for all orchestral trumpet players!  

Eric C, Music Educator Clovis, CA

Wow. This new S-Mute is amazing.  Love the sound. Ease of blow. Tuning is spot on.  


This mute instantly corrected some of the tuning issues I was having with my other cups, and playing the mute has a similar feel to playing open, which makes it easier to hear myself and produce a good tone. Great mute!

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