I regularly use my mutes in the Sequoia Symphony and the Fresno Philharmonic.  Below are some thoughts from others who have been using them.  

Josh Rzepka has done a VERY thorough review of the Gen 2 Dedicated Cup and Multifunction Mute:



Jens Lindemann, International Trumpet Artist 

The S-Mute is one of the finest mutes I have ever played.  The intonation is impeccable and the ability to make micro adjustments to create numerous different colours is a reflection of the fantastic thought and workmanship that has gone into its development.  Quite simply, this is a mute that should not only be owned, it will be used for ones entire career. 

Ron Franklin, 2nd Trumpet Fresno Philharmonic Orchestra 

I love playing this mute and use it often!  It has a wonderful tone color, is free blowing and most importantly, plays in tune in all ranges and dynamic levels.  I highly recommend it for all orchestral trumpet players!  

Eric C, Music Educator Clovis, CA

Wow. This new S-Mute is amazing.  Love the sound. Ease of blow. Tuning is spot on.  


This mute instantly corrected some of the tuning issues I was having with my other cups, and playing the mute has a similar feel to playing open, which makes it easier to hear myself and produce a good tone. Great mute!

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