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Multifunction Mute

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The second-generation Multifunction Mute is here!  Design improvements include finer threads between the cup and straight, rounded corks that match the contour of the bell, and a much-improved cork storage tray/case among other refinements.  These mutes feature our quick change corks system, and the excellent sound and intonation our mutes are known for.  The Multifunction Mute can be used as a straight mute, cup mute, and plunger, three mutes in one!  The mute comes standard in a carbon black finish.  

The cork storage tray features an easy-close clamshell design.  

Price includes the mute, 4 cork sizes (size 0.5-2), and the storage tray/case.  Thicker cork assemblies are available for wider bell flares (sizes 2.5 and 3).  

The bundle includes the mute, 6 cork sizes (0.5-3), cork storage tray, felt insert, practice mute attachment, and thread protector. 

Instructions for removable corks and practice mute attachment

Made in the USA. 

Review by Josh Rzepka: