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Dedicated Adjustable Cup Mute

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Dedicated Cup Mute

This is a dedicated adjustable cup mute.  Building on the success of the Multifunction Mute, this is a mute designed from the ground up as a cup mute.  Features our patent-pending quick change corks system to fine-tune the depth of the mute in the bell, AND a sliding adjustable cup section.  This combo allows you to get the mute situated in the bell for maximum resonance while still allowing you to adjust the gap of the cup mute for the perfect tone color.  There is no other mute like it. 

Another unique feature of this mute is an opening (the "S" logo is a cutout) on the front of the mute to allow for additional sound projection.  This mute has an internal wall that maintains the resonant chamber and allows the mute to play in tune, the "S" cutout allows the sound to project directly from this internal wall.  This is a one-of-a-kind concept that you have to try out to appreciate!  

Price includes the mute, 4 cork sizes, and clamshell-style cork storage case. 

The "Bundle" includes the mute., 4 cork sizes, cork case, practice mute attachment, oversize cork sets, and felt insert.  

Accessories are also available individually: click here. 

In stock now!  

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