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Bass Trombone Salt Shaker

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Coming Soon!  The first production run is slated for completion by 5/11/24.  Pre-orders available by email: Pre-orders ship first! 

This is the Bass Trombone version of our popular Salt Shaker mute.  This mute produces a nice velvety soft quasi-bucket sound and includes several user-configurable felt pads to further customize the tone color to your needs.  The mute weighs approximately 90-100 grams depending on felt configuration. 

The basic package includes 3 cork sizes/thicknesses customized for Bass Trombone.  These differing cork thicknesses allow you to adjust the mute for various bell sizes, and/or adjust the opening size between the mute and bell.   The bundle includes an additional end cap with no holes (adds some reflective quality to the sound) and all 10 cork sizes, 0.5-5. 

These mutes are frequently out of stock due to popularity.  If you find them out of stock you can place a pre-order for the next batch by emailing sales (at) 


Felt Configuration Guide: Click Here 

Reviews and Endorsements:


Dr. Brad Edwards, Professor of Trombone, Arizona State University

Dr. Russ Zokaites, Professor of Trombone, CSU Fresno 


Alex Iles, Los Angeles Trombonist/Recording Artist

I just received mine in the mail this! My eyes don't believe my ears! With a little experimenting with the numerous thicknesses of felt and cork, I have dialed in a warm bucket sound from such a tiny package! Congratulations on coming with such a beautiful and convenient product!!

Matt Bilyk, New York Trombonist and Clinician- 

These are great mutes. Just ordered my second one to configure for Bass Bone. Very easy blowing, super light weight and intonation is great. The ability to customize is also a huge bonus. Highly recommend!