About Us


My name is Nathan Sobieralski.  I am principal trumpet of the Sequoia Symphony and trumpet instructor at CSU, Fresno.   I am also a general tinkerer.  

The idea for the S-Mute came to life during the Covid-19 pandemic while fooling with a 3D printer my wife and I purchased to occupy our children.  Between making superhero helmets and video game figurines I decided to try CAD and put some of my ideas into practice.  It took several months of refining and sending out samples to friends and colleagues before I had something I was proud enough of to bring to market.  The S-Mute "Multifunction Mute" is our first product and I hope you like it.  We have several other designs in process using the same quick change cork system, so stay tuned!  

Our products are conceived, designed, and manufactured in the USA.