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Trumpet/Cornet Multifunction Mute

Regular price $49.00 USD
Regular price $55.00 USD Sale price $49.00 USD

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This is our first design, and it is meant to be versatile!  Originally conceived as a cup mute only, we thought why not make the cup portion we did.  Can be used as a cup mute, straight mute, or plunger.  I have two different design types, one with a threaded interface between the cup and straight and one with a magnetic interface between the cup and straight.  You choose one when purchasing.   Mute make, model, and batch number laser engraved onto the mute body. 

Includes: Straight Mute, Cup/Plunger Attachment, 4 sizes of corks w/storage tray, and 3 spare cork pads.  

Magnet warnings click here.