How are your mutes made?

I use customized fused deposition modeling (FDM) 3D printers to make the plastic portion of the mutes.  The corks are laser cut, and the mute make, model, and batch number are laser engraved onto the mute body.  All post processing and finishing is done by hand.  

Why 3d printing?  Why not a more traditional manufacturing process like injection molding? 

3d printing gives me control over the entire manufacturing process, from the raw materials to the dimensional accuracy of the final product.  There are also certain features of my mute that could not be accomplished with traditional methods.  For now 3d printing is the best option to deliver the product as I have conceived it without middle men and design compromise. 

Why do you use recycled plastic?  

Because its available, offers the same quality as virgin material, and why not?  I am proud to do my part and help reduce waste in our world.  

What type of recycled plastic do you use?

I use recycled PET plastic that is formulated for 3D printing. PET plastic is commonly used to make singe use water bottles. 

What about the flexible plastic, like in the flexible cups and endcaps? 

I have been in search of a supplier of recycled base plastic of this type.  At the moment, the flexible components of the mute are not yet made from recycled materials.

How durable are your mutes? 

They are strong enough to function as a mute but they WILL break if abused.  Take care of the mute and don't crush it/drop it off the stage and it should last as long as any other mute.